Data from Trusted Sources

Fast growing companies have dozens of tools, each with their own database. This leads to multiple variations of the same reports and KPIs. FutureView integrates directly with the systems that have the most up to date information and transforms the data before organizing it into useful reports. Without a unified set of reports, teams are effectively flying blind which leads to serious organizational issues.

Standard and Custom Reporting

Our out of the box reporting will quickly get you up to speed on key financial metrics. Our customers use this as a foundation to start building a more robust financial reporting package. Company and product specific custom reports, built with your needs in mind, help your team with their unique needs. Some of our most popular reports include:

  • Core Financial Reporting in Many Variations (income statement, balance sheet, etc.)
  • Robust and Flexible Variance Analysis
  • KPI Dashboards (LTV, Sales CAC, Marketing CAC, Churn, etc.)

Continuous Planning

Seamlessly work with all budget owners and analysts without having to email files back and forth, thanks to our cloud-based platform. The integration of the reporting, budgeting and planning processes further simplifies your finance operations.

No Code Integrations to Your Systems

Our platform has native integrations with all popular ERP, CRM, and BI systems including NetSuite, Salesforce, Tableau, Power BI, Qlik. Already have a data warehouse? We can pull data directly into our platform from any popular database. Want to import product specific data using your API? We've got you covered!

Built With Security

All of your data is kept securely in the cloud and protected using industry best practices. Within the platform, a robust security configuration tool gives you granular control over each user's ability to access data.

Timely Close Process

Our clear reporting and planning templates will help you close your books on time every month. Need more help with your Accounting operations? We can help in designing a more efficient close process and even dedicate resources to get involved on a day-to-day basis.

Available on Web and Excel

Our platform is securely hosted on a leading cloud provider and accessible from anywhere. View reports and update budgets  from any modern browser. Excel users have full read/write access to the in-memory database from any spreadsheet.

Finance Leadership

Technology is just one building block on the road to a mature finance function. Our service offerings can help improve FP&A operations, accounting processes, board management and provide strategic guidance on long term financial objectives.

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