Analyze Your Quickbooks Online Data Using Excel and BI Tools

FutureView extracts transaction level data from Quickbooks Online for real time analysis using your existing tools - Excel, Tableau, Looker, Qlik. Generate flexible reports and dashboards linked directly to your data.
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Flexible Reporting

Analyze your data however you like in Excel or your BI tool of choice. We capture data from all fields in Quickbooks so you can quickly create fully customized reports and dashboards.

Live Connection

Your data is extracted, transformed and ready for analysis. No more manual exports and transformations just to build the same report each month.

Familiar Tools

Build reports and dashboards using tools you're already familiar with in less than half the time. Our most popular integrations include Excel, Tableau and Qlik.

Key Benefits

Reduce Errors, Save Time

A direct connection to your Quickbooks data means no more exporting and transformation of data. Have your reports and dashboards update as soon as you close the books.

One Source of Truth

With detailed transaction level data, you can use one source for all your reporting needs. Never have to worry about managing multiple datasets for financial reporting.

Zero Maintenance

We ensure your data is available and ready to use so you can focus on what matters most to you. There's no reliance on the IT Team or complicated integrations to set up, just ready to use data.

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