FutureView Systems

Unlocking insight through a time-tested, data-driven decision making framework


Founded by a former CFO, a former head of FP&A and one of the leading experts in financial technology, FutureView has compiled an experienced team of individuals providing the diverse skillsets necessary to advance a finance function to maturity.


We utilize well-tested methodologies to transform a financial function. These include a proprietary forecasting and budgeting process and a method for developing an analytical framework.


We use cutting edge OLAP tools and data architecture strategies to provide your Company with the information it requires while eliminating dangerous reliance on spreadsheets. We enable integrations between core “source of truth” systems such as NetSuite, Quickbooks, Xero, Zuora, Salesforce, along with company specific data (i.e. product data).

We Specialize in Helping High Growth Companies Build Scalable Finance Functions

In spending time with numerous small companies, we heard complaints like these:

  • It takes forever to close the books and when we do, the numbers don’t really mean anything – we are effectively flying blind.
  • We have tons of numbers, but none of them seem to reconcile. Half of our management meeting is spent trying to reconcile the numbers our VP of Sales has with the Finance numbers.
  • From September to December, we are consumed with building our budget, and it is usually irrelevant by February.
  • Our numbers are like a beehive – they never stop moving. We keep revising past months because of errors identified after the close.
  • We have monthly GAAP results, but what we need are forward looking forecasts and key metrics.
  • Every department seems to have its own analyst and none of them talk to each other or to finance.
  • Preparing financial presentations for our Board consumes a huge amount of energy every month and quarter.

These and many other complaints are symptomatic of an immature and non-scalable finance function. Building a mature and impactful function takes time and requires experienced resources; both of which are usually scarce at a small company.