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Minimize the gap between closing and reporting

Simplify your closing process through rapid integrations with your general ledger and structured data for use in Excel. Easily prepare reconciled reports without the tedious manual tasks.
Accounting Software tools and automations to close the books faster

Drill through summary data without ever leaving Excel

Extracting summary totals from your ERP will remain static. Foundation's direct integration with your ERP, offers accrual support with dynamic view of period-specific transactions and staged data ready for reporting and reconciliation.  Spend less time preparing and more time analyzing.

Accounting and controller software tools
Accounting software solutions designed to make your life easier

Expedite your entire reporting package workflow

Easily develop preliminary trial balances and practically eliminate the time between closing and reporting with ongoing ERP data synchronization. Set parameters and instantly update P&L's, income statements, balance sheets and all management reporting packages automatically.


Foundation - COMING SOON

ERP integration to streamline reconciliation without leaving Excel

For those most comfortable in Excel, we’ve developed an Excel Add-in included in our Foundation package for you to access and consume your structured data. Drill down into transactional level details and breakdowns to maximize the use of Excel and your productivity, while ensuring accuracy and version control.

FutureView Foundation Excel Add-in for finance

What our clients have to say

FutureView Systems software and service testimonial

"FutureView is an extension of our team in a way that’s been super valuable for me. They’re not just technical experts, but they’re finance professionals with rich careers, so the blend of their expertise paired with the technical capabilities of the Platform just makes the experience overall with FutureView far better than others I’ve seen in the space."

Chris Laidley
CFO, Mursion
Spoonflower FutureView Systems Success Story
FutureView Systems software and service testimonial

"Our budgeting and forecasting process is more efficient and quicker with FutureView. It takes up less time of our top managers and promotes more conversations with better information from our team to make better and quicker decisions."

Brad Schomber
CFO, Spoonflower
Lucid LLC
FutureView Systems software and service testimonial

"FutureView has been a key partner to our FP&A team as our team has grown and our business has doubled. They are our trusted resources with the available expertise that helps us make the right decisions and learn best practices."

Maddy Devine
Director, Lucid
Inc 5000FutureView Systems is one of the Most Promising Fintech Solutions of 2022
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