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FutureView is focused on providing businesses a platform to manage and improve their financial operations. After encountering the same issues at multiple companies, we realized the need for an integrated reporting, planning and budgeting platform that was flexible enough to work for small, high-growth companies and robust enough to scale.

FutureView’s software solutions, coupled with experienced finance leaders, gives its customers the ability to quickly have a mature finance function, enabling them to operate at a scale rivaling much larger and more seasoned companies.

Our Partners

John Baule, CEO and Co-founder of FutureView Systems. 25 years of CFO experience

John Baule

FutureView Systems LinkedIn profile

Over his expansive career, John has served as the CFO for companies for 25 years in various industries, helping guide those companies successfully, including two IPOs and numerous M&A transactions. He understands the value of a mature Finance Function and its role in propelling a company forward.

Brian McGrath co-founder of FutureView Systems

Brian McGrath

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Brian is an FP&A leader with experience in building Finance Teams, designing decision frameworks, implementing and leveraging technology, and improving budgeting and forecasting processes at highly data-driven companies.

Bill Webster co-founder at FutureView Systems

Bill Webster

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Bill is one of the leading experts in financial technology, with over 25 years of experience in designing and building better financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting applications. He's worked with dozens of companies, of all sizes, to design financial systems and business intelligence tools.

Harika Thoom - FutureView Systems

Harika Thoom

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With 10+ years of experience in Finance and Technology, Harika is an expert in the development of FP&A tools and processes. She has a deep understanding of data analysis, and applies her expertise to our software solutions and client engagements.

Our Values

FutureView Systems Core Values

Precision, accountability and availability are cornerstones of FutureView Systems. Our processes, methodologies and technology are built with you in mind.

Financial reporting and analysis

Our team of finance experts have decades of experience and battle-tested best practices. We've been in your shoes and understand your needs to deliver greater value.

FutureView Systems provides insight into performance for all stakeholders and  budget owners.

With an eye to the future, we're always in pursuit of greater excellence. Whether it's through modern automations or improved processes, we provide the tools to succeed.

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