The Tools to Accelerate the Maturity of Your Finance Function

"We were able to quickly set up multiple scenarios and gameplan for each of those so no matter what happened we were prepared. FutureView enabled us to be proactive instead of reactive at a critical time in the business." — Brad Schomber, CFO Spoonflower

Why FutureView Systems?

See what separates FutureView's solutions from other options

FutureView Systems financial planning and analysis software solutions
  • Direct & rapid ERP, CRM and source data integrations, no coding required
  • Automatically structured data for analysis
  • Reconciled & controlled data tailored to Finance’s needs
  • Integrations with instant access to dynamic transactional level details in Excel
  • Eliminates the time between closing and reporting
  • Initiate analysis pre-close resulting in more accurate financial statements
  • Enables quicker & more frequent iterations of the pre-close process
  • Flexible viewing and analytics tools
  • Excel add-in for analysis and modeling included                        
  • Solutions tailored to the needs of finance teams               
  • Maintain version control and restrict user access            
  • Refresh already structured data with a single click
    at any time     
  • Use the latest version of your data in real time
  • Robust FP&A Platform with out-of-the-box, battle-tested methodologies built-in
  • Maximize the functionality, flexibility & impact of your ERP system
  • Created by experienced finance leaders
  • X  Integrations to ERP Systems take weeks to implement
  • X  Once extracted, data is unstructured
  • !  Requires manual data manipulation
  • !  Additional expense & requires exporting static, disorganized data
  • !  Requires books to be closed & reconciled
  • X  Forced to wait for accounting close to be completed before starting
  • !  Increases likelihood of errors on final financial statements & reports
  • !  Limited only to Excel                       
  • X  No Excel add-in included       
  • !  Requires additional expenses, detailed technology capabilities & available capacity  
  • !  Pay per user and unable to control updated versions
  • !  Multi-step or predetermined scheduling process without data structure
  • !  Integrations aren’t rapid and require manual manipulations
  • !  Blank slate software with seldom used templates not applicable for finance teams
  • !  Requires costly ERP expenses & advanced technical requirements
  • !  Created by those without financial expertise