FutureView Systems Trust

The security and confidentiality of your data is very important to us. Our organizational processes and secure cloud infrastructure ensure that your data is well protected. This page provides a high level overview of how we keep your data safe.

GDPR Compliant

Our comprehensive operational and technical controls ensure our compliance with the EU GDPR laws. We stay up to date on best practices and monitor changes to the law, ensuring ongoing compliance.

Secure Hosting

We securely host your data on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and follow their best practices to maintain the security, confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Operational Measures

All of our employees receive annual training on data privacy and security. We give role based access to all of our systems containing customer data and can automatically detect non-authorized access.

Data Privacy

We never share your financial or employee data with any third parties. We limit collection to data that is necessary for the platform to help you generate reporting.

Contact Us

Want more information about our data privacy and security processes? You can reach a member of our team by at