Making Your Budget a Sprint Not a Marathon Webinar

Making Your Budget a Sprint Not a Marathon Webinar

Fall is a familiar time of year for finance professionals — budgeting season! Don’t let this year’s process be met with angst and sleepless nights. Getting to a detailed budget without sacrificing finance’s sanity is possible.

In a recent survey we conducted, 54% of finance executives said their companies spend 3 or more months on their budgeting process.

This is entirely too much time spend on the budgeting process, which should be facilitated in less than a month. To reach that level of efficiency, watch our finance experts' in depth look budgeting processes, how to align management and budget owners, and uncover where many finance functions go wrong.

Getting to a Detailed Budget Without Sacrificing Finance’s Sanity

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to approach and expedite your budgeting process
  • The ideal type of budgeting process for you
  • Why continuous forecasts should supplement, not replace the annual budget
  • How to develop meaningful targets that lead to strategic decisions
  • How to build organizational muscle memory to expedite the budgeting process


John Baule - FutureView Systems

John Baule, CEO and Co-founder of FutureView Systems

John is a seasoned finance executive with over 35 years of finance experience across four continents, 25 of them as a CFO, for multiple software, consulting and e-commerce companies, including two successful IPOs on the NYSE (K12 and ChannelAdvisor).

Brian McGrath - FutureView Systems

Brian McGrath, COO and Co-founder of FutureView Systems

Brian is an FP&A leader with over 15 years of experience in building Finance Teams, designing decision frameworks, implementing and leveraging technology, and improving budgeting and forecasting processes at highly data-driven companies.