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Automate ERP data structuring to focus on analysis and reporting

FutureView Foundation provides direct ERP data integrations with automated extraction and staging for reporting, planning and forecasting. Spend less time manipulating data and more time analyzing.
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ERP reporting and analysis without the repetitive, manual tasks

Unlock your financial data with automated structuring at a transaction level to streamline analysis
and reporting while uncovering future strategic opportunities.
Automate finance tasks
Convenient automations

Eliminate the need to manually structure and reconcile your financial data. Spend more time on meaningful analysis that actually makes a difference.

ERP data on demand, structured and ready for consumption
Access ERP data on demand

Easily access the latest version of your structured ERP data via an automated schedule or with a single click and confidently analyze reconciled finance data.

Direct and rapid ERP integrations
Direct ERP integrations

Consume staged, transaction level details through  rapid ERP system integrations that are automatically set up for you — no coding required.

Flexible analytical tools for viewing your ERP data
Flexible viewing tool

View staged data in your preferred environment using our Excel Add-in, your favorite FP&A platform, BI or data visualization tool.


Maximize the use of your ERP to add more strategic value

Free up capacity for finance to conduct deep analysis and easily create reports from structured ERP data in your preferred analytical tool. Limit mundane tasks and provide decision-makers with necessary metrics and insights to enable strategic conversations across your business.

Analyze your data at a granular level for added value
FutureView Foundation allows you to consume your structured ERP data in your preferred BI tool

Report and analyze staged data in your preferred analytics tool

FutureView Foundation’s viewing and consumption options are flexible. Whether it’s our Excel Add-in, Tableau, Power BI or an FP&A Platform, your automatically organized and reconciled data is accessible when you need it conveniently in your desired tool with ongoing synchronization.


Transform your workflows with a dynamic ERP reporting tools

Reduce aggravation by eliminating manual data aggregation. Access the financial data you need in a structure that lends itself to purposeful analysis. Gain granular level details in a manner you simply cannot get solely from an ERP System.

Finance Excel add-in to easily generate reconciled reporting packages


Analyze your ERP data with our Excel Add-in

For those most comfortable in Excel, we’ve developed an Excel Add-in included in our Foundation package for you to access and analyze your structured data. Maximize the use of Excel and your productivity, while ensuring accuracy and version control.

FutureView Foundation Excel Add-in for finance

What our clients have to say

FutureView Systems software and service testimonial

"FutureView is an extension of our team in a way that’s been super valuable for me. They’re not just technical experts, but they’re finance professionals with rich careers, so the blend of their expertise paired with the technical capabilities of the Platform just makes the experience overall with FutureView far better than others I’ve seen in the space."

Chris Laidley
CFO, Mursion
Spoonflower FutureView Systems Success Story
FutureView Systems software and service testimonial

"Our budgeting and forecasting process is more efficient and quicker with FutureView. It takes up less time of our top managers and promotes more conversations with better information from our team to make better and quicker decisions."

Brad Schomber
CFO, Spoonflower
Lucid LLC
FutureView Systems software and service testimonial

"FutureView has been a key partner to our FP&A team as our team has grown and our business has doubled. They are our trusted resources with the available expertise that helps us make the right decisions and learn best practices."

Maddy Devine
Director, Lucid
Inc 5000FutureView Systems is one of the Most Promising Fintech Solutions of 2022

Key Benefits

Direct ERP Integrations and Automations for Reporting
Save Time, Reduce Errors

A direct connection to your ERP data means no more exporting and transformation of data. Have your reports and dashboards update as soon as you close the books.

FutureView is Your FP&A Source of Truth
One Source of Truth

With detailed transaction level data, you have one source for all your financial reporting and analysis needs. Never worry about managing multiple data sets or verifying data in your ERP again.

Finance Automations and Tools
End-to-End Automation

We ensure your data is available and ready to use so you can focus on meaningful analysis. There's no reliance on your IT team or complicated integrations -- just ready-to-use ERP data.

FutureView Pricing and Comparison

Discover why Accounting and Finance teams choose FutureView

See how our solutions stack up against other options. Compare our advanced features and built-in methodologies to alternatives learn and how you can maximize your efforts with a cost-effective solution designed with you in mind.


FP&A Software that empowers Finance to maximize its impact and efficiency

Realize the full potential of your finance function with our FP&A Platform — without the struggle of lengthy implementations. Leverage direct integrations, OLAP technology and battle-tested methodologies to simplify your reporting, budgeting and forecasting process while maintaining control over your data.

FutureView FP&A Platform